Tips and Tricks

How to reset the TMEES Servo system on the 2015-2017 models ?
Each time you disconnect the servo cables , or a servo cable brakes – you need to reset the servo.
We have posted 3 short videos to show how it’s done …
for the 125/144cc you need the reset cable with parts nr: 68193
for the 250/300cc you need the reset cable with parts nr: 68192
on the 125/144 connect the reset cable to the plug of the capacitor (the capacitor needs to get disconnected first)
on the 250/300 there is a special plug on the left side of the bike in the wiring (remove the red cap and connect the servo reset cable)
connect the reset cable to a 12V battery
after 5-10 sec the servo will open and close
the reset is now complete
on the 125/144 … don’t forget to re-connect the capacitor
Download here the technical sheet
How does the gear box sensor 250 / 300 work on the 2strokes ?
The 2015 models have different mapping in the lower gears
250 cc: 1st gear / neutral / 2nd gear
300 cc: 1st gear / neutral / 2nd gear / 3rd gear
please notice !!! if you want to check you servo if it opens 100%, take off your chain and put your bike in 3rd gear
now the electronics will allow the servo to open 100%
How do I adjust the right chain tension on my TM ?
for alle MX and EN Models (not the Junior 85/100)
the distance between chain slider and chain needs to be at least 45mm (see picture)
What do I need to do after pressure cleaning my bike ?
Make sure to use a airfilter cover – those are availbale from TWINAIR (check our webshop)
Drain the carburator floater bowl
Open de ignition cover , clean out possible moisture and spray in the fly wheel with Silicone spray or WD40
Do I need to grease the bearings when my bike is new ?
The TM bikes come with a good load of grease out oft he factory – so no worries when the bike is new.
Please clean and re-grease the steering bearings, swingarm & linkage after 10 hours and than every 25 hrs (at least)
How much oil does my gearbox need ?
the 85/100/125/144 needs 550cc of 2stroke gearbox oil
the 250/300 needs 700cc of 2stroke gearbox oil
all engine have oil level screws – but they just tell you if you have oil in the gear box, but not the oil level height.
so if you can‘t remember if you put in new oil, use this screw to check if oil was added
Which gear set up would we recommend on the 2015 models ?
we recommend
on the 85/100 16/51 for sand tracks and 16/49 for hard pack
on the 125/144 13/52 for all kind of tracks (all 125/144 in the US come with a 6 gear gearbox)
on the 250 14/50 for most of the tracks
on the 300 14/48 for most of the tracks
Which clearance do I need when changing the piston ?
If you change your piston please notice that piston rings are all the same size … so normally you need to shorten the ring to get the right piston ring gap
we recommend a gap of
85/100 0.3mm
125/144 0.3mm
250/300 0.5-0.6mm
an „A“ piston will have a clearance of
0.07mm on the 85/100 – 47.87
0.06mm on the 125/144 – 53.94 / 55.94
0.07mm on the 250/300 – 66.33 / 71.93
we recommend the 2 ring pistons for performance improvements
85/100 (not available as 2 ring piston – use the OEM one)
125 (OEM has a 2 ring Vertex piston 53.94 – 53.98)
144 (OEM has a 2 ring Vertex piston)
250 NO OEM available yet (PRO X offer a 2 ring piston – see our web shop)
300 NO OEM available yet (PRO X offer a 2 ring piston – see our web shop)
Which squish do I need to run on my 2 stroke bikes ?
The squish is the distance between the cylinder head and the piston (messured at the cylinder sides at the postion of the piston pin)
TM offers different cylinder gaskets, so you can adjust the squish for your personal preferences
we recommend a squish of
1mm 85/100cc
1.2mm 125/144cc
1.4mm 250c
1.9mm 300cc
to improve your performance you can get the VHM heads with special squish and head volumes
those parts really work and are available in our webshop
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